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What are the advantages of investing into the investment gold?

Investment gold in the form of ingots bricks or coins is one of the most secure forms of investment. Gold is also generally considered as unique “store of value and saving” for the long term investments.

Precious metals, especially investment gold can be the most appropriate mean of saving money in times of economic recession and during the risks associated with debts of western countries.

Gold ingots, bars or gold coins are products that had, and will always have its value, which is independent on the economic situation.

Gold has the unique ability to store its value. The price of gold has been stable for thousands of years. Can you say that about any “paper” currency? All traders around the world will buy investment gold from you. This is the proof, that gold is popular around the world. Do you know other safer investment?

If you buy investment gold as a private person, you don’t pay taxes at repurchase.

Another great advantage of investing in gold is that you can carry a large supply of money in small volumes. For comparison – one brick weighting 100g has a value of about 4 000 Euros and it perfectly fits into your palm.

The beauty of gold has been admired by people for thousands of years. Gold used to be a symbol of social status, power and influence. Gold is resistant to physical influences, such as exposure to air and water. It’s also resistant to acid etc.

Few words about economy and its connection to gold

Almost all countries in the world produce millions of banknotes every day, but these banknotes are only fiat money and signifiant inflation or hyperinflation can occur any time, when only the gold and other precious metals will still retain its value.

What’s more, after each economic turmoil price of gold rises. Increasing amount of money in the economy causes inflation. A good example is the U. S. FED and the ECB. FED prints dollars to support U. S. economy and devalues its currency. The ECB does the same with euro, they pump new euro banknotes for purchase risky bonds of indebted countries.

A few illustrative cases of currency depreciation:

The U. S. Dollar has lost 98% of its purchasing power since 1913, the German mark lost 75% of its purchasing power from 1948 to its death in 2001 and finally Euro has lost 56% of its purchasing power since its introduction in 1 January 2002.

Gold and precious metals are suitable as an investment for those who don’t want to see how their money is devalued by inflation. That’s the reason, why the physical possession of gold is safe investment and defense against the devaluation. If it’s necessary, you might monetize your gold immediately anywhere in the world!

Gold mining is getting more and more difficult

Gold mining is getting very complicated and expensive. According to recent estimation, all easily accessible gold sites were completely excavated and other extraction is very expensive. The cost of mining work rises constantly and supplies for the mining of gold are getting thinner. A common practise in the gold mines is to get only 1 gram of gold from one ton of extracted rock. The average cost of extracting one troy ounce (31,1 grams) was around 860 USD in 2010, but the price is constantly rising.

Gold ingots, bars and gold coins

Gold ingots to 100 g are produced by stamping and ingots weighting more than 100 g are made by casting. In our e-shop, you can buy ingots weighting 1 gram, 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, 1 ounce (troy ounce – the traditional unit of weight, named for weight units used on markets in French city Troyes in the Middle Ages, 1 troy ounce = 31,103 g), 50 g and 100 g.

Stamped gold ingots are sealed with a certificate in a protective foil. Gold bars are provided with a certificate of authenticity. We buy gold ingots and bars only from Swiss manufacturer Argor Heraeus and Australian manufacturer The Perth Mint.

Investment gold coins are suitable for investors, who aren’t interested only in the value of gold but also in aesthetic value of coins. That’s the reason why investment coins are little bit more expensive than gold ingots.

Our company offers you an opportunity to invest in gold ingots and bricks, which is suitable especially for investors, who are looking for the best price. Those who are interested in the visual appearance of gold invest in gold coins. 1 Oz coins are bestsellers, but we also offer cheaper variants of gold coins in weights from 1/20 to ½ Oz.

Our gold bricks and gold coins are produced by the most important European and world producers of investment gold. We can guarantee its purity, quality and authenticity.

Graph of gold prices:

Graf vývoje ceny zlata Graf vývoje ceny zlata Graf vývoje ceny zlata Graf vývoje ceny zlata