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Terms and Conditions


Trade terms adjust the relation between the Seller (SILVER DELUXE s.r.o., based Sládkova 372/8, 702 00  Ostrava, IČ 05348242, Czech republicand a buyer.

All rights and obligations between the seller and the buyer obey these trade terms provided that the contractors will not come to different agreement. This agreement has to have written form.
All amounts of money in these terms and conditions are given in EUR. For other currencies are valid its equivalents.

Order can be placed throughout e-shop, email or by telephone. After sending an order, the buyer receives the confirmation of his order by email within 16 hours at the latest. There is the final price of goods including possible postage in the order.
It is possible that the seller will require written form of order, especially in cases where orders exceed the price EUR 5,000.

The buyer pays purchase price either before despatching the goods by the seller into seller’s bank account or by cash on delivery. Orders up to EUR 3,000 can be paid by cash on delivery. In case of order in excess of EUR 25,000, payment and delivery are realized in a bank at the same time.

The seller despatches an order by way of delivery service DHL. The price of postage is determined in confirmation of an order and is identical with the calculation that is quoted on seller’s web pages. All consignments are insured against its damage or loss.

Delivery time
Delivery time is 3-6 working days after receiving the payment; possibly 3-9 working days after receiving an order if paying by cash on delivery. Delivery time can be elongated in case of larger order. If this situation arises the buyer will be informed in advance simultaneously with the confirmation of an order.

Withdrawal of the contract
Withdrawal of the contract is not possible from both the seller’s party and the buyer’s party.

All goods is under legal guaranty. However, the guaranty does not relate to damage which happened due to unsuitable storage or defects in mintage or surgace of a coin.

Complaint is handled according to mutual compact of both paries as soon as possible.